Depending on the employer, they may grant you an allowance for the professional use of a personal mobile phone. This can represent the payment of $20 per month for your phone as a refund. This is sometimes called a monthly allowance. These payments can only be excluded from taxable income if the employer follows the rules of the responsible plan. A mobile phone contract between the employee sets out the rights and obligations of the employer and the employee. The agreement can cover mobile phones issued by the company, employee-owned phones used for business purposes, or even how employees use their own phones for personal use at work. Here are five simple steps to implement your own cell phone policy at work. Our Employee Cell Phone Policy describes our policies for using mobile phones at work. Finally, use Sling`s messaging feature to send the mobile phone policy to all your employees so they can stay up to date.

Download this mobile phone policy template in Word format. Send as a letter or email. Instant download. No email required. If a phone is provided by the employer, the guidelines for the use of smartphones and mobile phones may be identical. You may want to change your policy to describe the ability to make a personal call or describe the general use of the mobile phone that you would allow on the device if it is used for personal reasons. General phone use can be a section that you should consider adding your business and your employees` cell phone policy. Your mobile phone contract is issued to the employer to the employee. Indication of the use of the device for the workplace and as one of the professional mobile phones provided by your employer or your employee`s supervisor. You should always put your cell phone policy in writing, make it part of your employee manual, and make sure everyone signs it to make sure they understand it.

Add language that covers all technologies that can access the Internet and send and receive phone calls and text messages. The purpose of this policy is to help us make the most of the benefits that mobile phones offer to our business, while minimizing the distractions, accidents and frustrations that misuse of the mobile phone can cause. But cell phones can also cause problems if used carelessly or excessively. We are aware that smartphones are an integral part of everyday life and are a major asset when used for productivity apps, calendars, business calls, etc. But smartphones are a disadvantage for concentration and efficiency when used recklessly and excessively during office hours. Clearly explain why you have a policy for mobile phones at work, what its purposes are, and what the consequences are if the mobile phone use policy is violated. Once you`ve done that, it`s important to consistently apply their mobile phone policy at work. We recognize that mobile phones (and smartphones in particular) have become an integral part of everyday life. They can be a huge advantage when used correctly (for productivity apps, calendars, business calls, etc.). These agreements generally determine how much the company reimburses the employee for work-related cell phone charges. For the sake of simplicity, this usually involves a monthly stipend that is paid to the employee, regardless of the employee`s cell phone plan.