If your services do not comply with consumer guarantees, the consumer may be entitled to a number of remedies, including refunds and compensation for consecutive damages and damages. Under the Australian Consumer Law, a company may limit its responsibility for providing services to a consumer (excluding services used for personal, domestic or private use) to: under the Australian Consumer Law, businesses must provide mandatory guarantees to consumers. A consumer is someone who buys your services for personal, domestic or private use or for other purposes if the services are less than $40,000. – re-supply of services; or – to pay for post-delivery delivery of services. Most agencies create pitching documents, letters or proposals that outline the services they wish to offer to a client and fees, but often these documents do not contain other important conditions of the agreement. The conclusion of written terms of sale (or a “customer service agreement”) with your client can prevent costly and costly litigation as soon as the project is underway. However, the situation would be very different if this client were an experienced accountant. As someone who knows a lot about finances, she would be obliged to provide all the specific information she has about her financial situation. It would be difficult for her to defend herself by saying that she did not know that certain information was important or that the bank was not asking enough questions about her finances. A contract could also say that the customer must have a good reason to terminate the contract or that he must terminate 30 days in advance to terminate it. However, the client can tell him what he wants, follow the progress of the work and express his preferences in terms of results. It`s important! Other rules apply when the claimant is considered a mobile (door-to-door) salesperson. Other rules also apply to certain types of service contracts: by having a single document with a global relationship, you can ensure that each party`s expectations and obligations are included in common as part of the agreement.

This can be an important factor in improving the entire working relationship, and it will also be much easier to avoid misunderstandings and resolve them when they occur (without damaging that relationship that you have worked so hard for!). While you can reach an agreement with less formal means, a well-developed customer service contract is essential to trace your entire service agreement with your customers and it is absolutely necessary to offer your company as broad a protection as possible in the event of a problem. This blog post does not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. This is a general comment on issues that may be of interest to you. Formal legal or expert advice should be sought before relying on all the issues raised by this communication. Responsibility: Insert a liability provision that limits the circumstances under which a customer can successfully sue your business.