If you wish to voluntarily terminate your contract, you can inform us by email. Please send your email to VoluntaryTermination@santanderconsumer.co.uk and provide your full name, contract number and phone numbers. Once you have signed your credit contract (step 1), you must return to this page to release your money with the code we sent you in the mail. These organizations help you assess your financial situation to see what you can afford, and also to fill out a common financial sheet. This financial statement should then be presented at the same time as a proposed offer of repayment: unfortunately, we cannot change the agreement agreed according to the year, as it will be taken into account in calculating the guaranteed future value of your vehicle at the beginning of your agreement. If you are concerned about your mileage, please contact the distributor first. Under the Data Protection Act, we can only discuss your financial agreement with you, unless you have specifically designated a third party to speak on your behalf. To name a third party, please contact our customer service on 0800 085 1759 or click here for a third-party authorization form to complete and return: There are a number of payment options that are the fastest and easiest to make available to you via our secure online payment system. Just click here.

Please note that we can only make debit payments online or by credit card from a card registered with the policyholder. If you wish to keep your vehicle after your personal sales contract is concluded, but you are unable to pay for the final balloon, we will re-register this amount subject to your permission. Yes, if you entered into your contract on or after June 11, 2010, you have the right to settle it in part at any time. For more information, please contact our customer service on 0800 085 1759. If your agreement is governed by the Consumer Credit Act, you have 14 days after receiving a copy of your contract executed by Santander Consumer Finance to terminate the contract. Please note that the termination of the financing contract will not itself cancel the sale of the merchandise. If you have a Personal Contract Purchase (pcp) agreement to ensure that your payment is allocated to the correct agreement, please provide your contract number as a reference when making payments online. SC will comply with the terms of the transaction agreement and will provide compensation within the time frame set out in the agreement. You can search for updates… You can repay your loan in full at any time before the final payment is due.

You will find out how you can do this in your agreement. Their payments usually begin one month after the contract is insanity. You will find this date on the first page of your agreement. Sign in with your reference number and sign your credit agreement. To request a COVID-19 payment deferral, please email us at customerservices@santanderconsumer.co.uk including your 14-digit account number, your full name, as it appears on your contract, your application details and a contact number. If you have a regulated agreement, your settlement number will be calculated in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004. We`ve created a 1-page document to help you understand how we calculate billing figures, you can download a copy here. This is the traditional method to finance the purchase of your car. As a general rule, the cost of buying your car is spread over a period of 2 to 5 years. After paying a down payment, you pay the monthly payments over the term of the loan and at the end of the agreement, the vehicle must hold you.