Make sure you follow your state and local laws to properly deal with the death of a tenant in your rental property. Also open the communication channels with the executor of the deceased tenant`s will so that you can discuss the transfer of the rental property to you. A lease does not end automatically after the death of a tenant, so you do not have the legal right to repossess the property or remove the tenant`s property without going through the right steps. Remember to be sensitive and professional when it comes to the death of a tenant. Always keep excellent records of all the steps you take with respect to the property and contact with the executor or family. The tenant dies. There is a parent on the property who is not on the rent application or contract. rent is payable for an additional 15 days (until the end of the month). Again, a real estate lawyer who is familiar with rental properties would be the best choice.

I wish you all the best and a quick solution! This may have a rather depressing thought, but as a regular feature of the ARLA Propertymark helpline, it seemed like the right time to explain some of the issues that arise from a tenant`s death. At least, if you know what to do when the inevitable happens, you can make the situation more bearable not only for the owner, but also for those who may face a difficult and emotional electronic event. Receive written notice of a tenant`s death and secure the property to protect it from potential theft. Establish a relationship with the next of kin or executors so you can hand over the keys and let them manage the property. The Rents Act 1977 stipulates that the tenancy is passed either to the spouse (if any) or, in certain circumstances, to a family member of the tenant who was living in the property at the time of death (see the Law for more details). I live outside the state. My son was in the hospital when I arrived in Arizona, where he was hospitalized and died in the hospital on February 13. .