That is why a judge who probably only uses Florida as a law, he must now familiarize himself with the law of another state in order to fully understand the marriage agreement under that state`s law. A valid marriage contract in Florida is a legally enforceable contract; it can, however, be challenged in court and set aside. A prenup in Florida may be invalidated in its entirety or only certain provisions of the agreement. The reasons for the nullity of an agreement may be coercion, coercion, non-disclosure of assets or fraud. A prenup can explain in detail what would happen to a party`s property if the marriage ends due to separation, death or some other event. For example, the agreement may stipulate that if one spouse cheats on the other, the fraudulent spouse owes the other spouse a certain amount of money to help move from marriage to single life. An agreement between potential spouses, concluded in contemplation of marriage and effective in marriage. Instead of relying on the views of Florida`s legislature, a pre-marital agreement provides the flexibility to meet the individual needs, desires and expectations of the marriage parties. One can imagine a multitude of situations in which a marriage may contain clauses that should be invalidated to public order. Imagine a conjugal agreement in which the parties agreed in advance that each parent must maintain respect for a particular religion. This would clearly violate the religious freedom of the parties. So there are four possibilities to attack a marital agreement. Let`s go through each of them to see how we can be attacked or defended a marital agreement for these specific reasons.

While most people will tell you that they understand what a prenup should do and what it shouldn`t do, only a small percentage are actually aware of all the nuances of a strong and legal pre-marriage agreement. The three main reasons why a prenup is introduced are, for example. B, the protection of the property and the approval (or not) of the maintenance of the spouse. However, prenups can do much more than that, or much less, depending on the text of the agreement. In other words, if you want your Florida Prenup to be effective, you need to understand the provisions introduced by the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA). Under the Florida Pre-Marital Agreement Act, a prenup may be applicable even if the conditions are unfair. For example, in Ferguson v. Ferguson, the court upheld a marital agreement on the transfer of real estate before the market crashed. Under the agreement, the husband would have to retain sole ownership of the house in exchange for the wife`s payment of $185,000.

In addition, the husband should compensate the wife for all property taxes, investments or other expenses related to wealth. The preliminary contract was drawn up before the collapse of the real estate market in 2008 and did not expect a drastic depreciation of the property. The husband attempted to nullify this provision because the change in the values of the house greatly aggravated the agreement for him. However, the court upheld the marriage agreement and ordered both parties to fulfill their obligations. There is nothing romantic about presenting the love of your life with a marital (or pre-marital) agreement that is essentially a “case back” agreement if your marriage disintegrates. But these pragmatic documents can be very important for the right situation. For example, a prenup can protect a family business from being divided or disrupted by a divorce. Anyone who enters into a pre-marital contract has their own reasons for doing so, but it is pre-marriage agreements that take effect after the marriage breaks down.