1.30 Disputes relating to agreements concluded by the SCM must be referred to the competent court in Arnhem (Netherlands). In addition, SCM has the right to submit disputes with a consumer party (i.e. a natural person who does not act in the context of a profession or activity) to the competent jurisdiction under the law of territorial jurisdiction. If such a court is not the Arnhem court and sCM submits the dispute to the Arnhem court, that consumer may, within six weeks, notify SCM in writing, on the basis of this provision, that he wants the court competent under the law to rule on the dispute. 1.15 Without the duty of damages, the SCM may terminate all or part of its agreement with the other party, with immediate effect, by letter recommended and without judicial intervention, in the case: 5.1 Registration fee: The tax due to the SCM in accordance with the participation agreement against participation in the event. In 1995, Subway Sandwich Shops, Fred DeLuca, Peter Buck and Doctor`s Associates Inc. were held liable for breach of contract. An Illinois jury awarded more than $10 million in damages to Nicholas and Victoria Jannotta after finding violations of rents and contracts. The applicants argued that the defendants misrepresced the assets of Subway Sandwich Shops (a leasing company used by Doctor`s Associates for franchising purposes) by negotiating a 1985 lease. [97] 4.2 All SCM agreements, offers and/or offers and course registrations are subject to these conditions for participants, in addition to the general provisions. 1.24 Complaints about confirmation (order) must be submitted in written sCM before the contract is executed by SCM, but in all cases within eight days of sending the (order) confirmation. 5.9 If necessary, the provisions relating to the participants and/or sponsorships of the place are considered part of the participation agreement. A free copy of the regulations is available at any time from SCM upon request.

Sponsorship fund: the royalty owed by the sponsor to SCM under the sponsorship contract for the use of the stand and other agreed services, as well as the general organisation services described in this agreement, which will be or will be performed by SCM. All BMT lines in Manhattan and Queens were built under the dual contracts, as well as all subway lines and some high lines in Brooklyn. [7] Registered contracts are valid until termination or redemption. 1.26 SCM may transfer its rights and obligations under the contract to a company with which it is bound within a group, or transfer those rights and obligations related to the transfer of SCM`s activities or part of it or in connection with the transfer of a property, product or service of SCM to a third party, without any other agreement from the other party.