1) You are a student in an education program who is a California resident, or are enrolled in a residency program, and prepaid all or part of your education either in cash, guaranteed student loan or personal loan, and, the student would be designated, removed from school the earliest: The date you removed the clerk from your intention to withdraw. Only the Registrar would be allowed to accept a notification of your retraction intention. Students should carefully consult courses and programs and choose which interests are most dear. Mason students can enrol in programs. Students who wish to take individual courses should click on the degree of non-degree. [2] The level of the STRF`s assessment; the institution levies from each student a predisposition of fifty cents (0.0 USD) per thousand dollars (1,000 USD) of institutional fees rounded to the nearest thousand dollars. For institutional expenses of one thousand dollars (1,000 USD) or less, the valuation is fifty cents (0.0 USD). Students receive all the necessary information on the site and find out how to apply for each program. For new students, additional transfer, graduate, non-degree and military information is available on the website.

Can NOVA`s financial assistance be used for Mason`s education costs if I am a NOVA/MASON ADVANCE student? It offers students sectoral education around the world. 80% of graduates were placed at university within two months of graduation. one. No claim is required for the reimbursement of the grants. Additional payments from grants automatically generate a refund. If you are not registered in the direct deposit, this payment will be a paper exam sent to the address filed at the university. Direct payments are automatically deposited into your bank account. This is the quickest way to get your refund. The instructions for registration in the direct deposit are available here (link to the guide). The university offers more than 80 bachelor`s programs for students. Applicants wishing to apply for one of George Mason`s bachelor`s courses can apply through one of the two application portals. Registration fees are uniform in all UG courses.

The admission process to George Mason University begins either during the fall or spring season. The table below shows the deadlines for applying for international students: 7th Health Insurance. An international student without an immigrant background must have health insurance that meets the requirements of the University, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the U.S. visa requirement. Health insurance costs. University health insurance fees are deducted from the student`s INTO Mason account and must be paid directly to INTO Mason at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester. Other plans. A student with U.S.-based health insurance that meets university requirements can apply for a waiver through the health services of university students. If the waiver is not allowed, students must pay for university health insurance.iii. Vaccinations and vaccinations. The university will provide the student with information on vaccinations and vaccinations needed before arriving at university. Students must receive all necessary vaccinations and vaccinations to remain enrolled.

Loans accepted for the fall semester are paid only a few business days after October 1. At the time of payment of the loans, students must currently go to at least 6 eligible credits after the date of the meeting count or be eligible for payment after having already successfully entered into at least 6 eligible credits during the period.