Why do we have to pay stamp duty again, given that the civil registry office has registers of the registered sales contract that can be consulted when presenting a photocopy of the sales contract? Years: You can obtain a certified copy of the sales contract from the client to obtain the necessary relief. 2. Yes, it is valid and completely legal if you pay full tax and do not make deductions. 1. To adjust the stamp duty paid on the sales contract at the time of registration of the deed of sale, you must present the original sales contract (if you talk to the bankers, they will have the original published before sub-registration) 2. The conditions set out in the contract of sale are re-signed in the deed of sale after complying with these conditions. However, the aforementioned conditions of the registered sales contract in question remain in force. The initial sales contract is not given to the contracting authority at all. It may be presented by the Bank for the Registrar`s demonstration as proof of payment of the portion of the stamp duty required for the registration of the deed of sale. 2. If you decide to pay the full stamp duty at the time of registration of the absolute deed of sale without deduction, the contract of sale is valid with its conditions, as stipulated in the contract of sale.

2. The contract of sale is stamped with a stamp duty of 0.1% (in Karnataka), which is charged against the stamp duty that you have to pay when registering the deed of sale. 1) The deed of sale confers ownership and stamp duty must be paid on the transfer by the contracting authority on your behalf 2) A sales agreement is the basic document on which a deed of transfer is drawn up. it documents a fundamental understanding between the parties and engages the parties 1. You have not paid the full payment of the stamp required for the registration of the deed of sale. The stamp duty you paid when registering the contract is deducted if you collect stamp duty from you when registering the deed of sale. The bank manager can bring the aforementioned agreement and, once the registration of the deed of sale is complete, he can take with him the original deed of sale or registered IGR to create a mortgage on the property you have purchased and for which a loan has been granted by said bank. 1.Visit the sub-registrar office where the sales contract was registered….