For evaluation only, you can install and use a copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUIT for up to 14 or 30 calendar days from the installation date (hereafter referred to as the “evaluation period”). The evaluation period can be extended by a written agreement between you and DEVART. Under the server license model (CAL for customer access license), each OSE on which a SQL Server software or one of its components is run must have a SQL Server license assigned to the physical server on which the OSE is hosted. In addition, any device and/or user that accesses the SQL server or any of its components requires a CAL. To properly execute the transaction when purchasing a license, a person`s personal data can be collected from resellers or payment systems. DEVART does not receive or obtain personal data from the person. Personal data is processed in accordance with the confidentiality policy of resellers or corresponding payment systems. SQL Server 2019 introduces big data cluster into the SQL offering. Big data clusters make it easier for customers to manage a big data environment. Software Assurance customers are entitled to SQL Server Big Data Node licenses for use with licenses assigned to their master nodes. SQL Server 2019 also offers advanced failover privileges for Software Assurance customers who support disaster recovery and wide availability.

For more information, please visit the product terms website. (a) You can create any number of instances of the server software and additional software. You might think it meant the same data center. However, they may include computational centres and regions. This meant that you couldn`t have your primary replicant in your own data center and in your secondary Replica in Azure without having to get a full license from the secondary replicant. I always thought it was a bad business decision from Microsoft. Indeed, how better to bring customers to your cloud rather than offer them a cost-effective and simple disaster recovery solution? If you purchase the PRODUCT SOFTWARE with the intention of re-editing, decompiling, decompiling, creating derivative works or the unauthorized exploitation and transmission of intellectual property and trade secrets, in order to be all methods or sources discovered, provided that there is no licensed use rights and all the resulting products are declared by definition. Any sale or resale of the intellectual property or derivatives thus obtained is the subject of a full monitoring of all local and international laws. Change of: 3. Rights to use, including test, transmission and application creation and unauthorized image restoration versions The source computer and each target computer must have licenses, create and restore images with O-O-O DiskImage.

A license is sufficient under the above conditions if the source and target computer is a non-virtual workstation. Each virtual machine is considered an independent computer. In other words, every virtual machine needs its own license.