The member to whom the staff member is seconded shall not be entitled to train more than two of those staff simultaneously. It is not necessary to perform a separate act in the event of secondment. (b) The Council may authorise secondment with more than one such member, provided that the minimum duration of the secondment is four months and that the total duration of the secondment with those members does not exceed one year. The total duration of the secondment may not exceed 1 year and the minimum duration of a member must be four months. The contracting entity shall keep records of the training completed during the secondment and shall include the information there therea in the report to the Council in accordance with Rule 64. However, according to that provision, there is no form for obtaining the training provided. Your detached CA (under which you have been seconded) must create your registration and submit it daily or at the end of the period on its letterhead which mentions the details of the deadline and the sheets taken. It is not necessary to execute a secondment document or to send a sub-agreement to the Institute on that behalf. In order to suspend trainees as a whole from multidisciplinary work and different commercial situations, Regulation 54 provided for the posting regime. The secondment procedure allows a legal secretary to gain practical experience in areas where the contracting authority may not be able to do so in practice at the office of another member on the basis of a mutually agreed agreement.

Secondment shall be authorised, with the agreement of the trainee concerned, from one member to another who has the right to train apprentices himself or to a member of industry who has the right to train professional apprentices. The member to whom the trainee is seconded shall not be entitled to train more than two of those trainees at the same time. During the period of secondment, the principal shall pay the grant in accordance with these provisions. (a) The maximum duration of the secondment shall be one year which may be served with a single authorised member. You must send privacy to icai, which means that there is a form in accordance with Regulation 54 in the forms specified by icai and you must complete this form in 4 copies and send it to ICAO. Apart from the secondment of an apprentice from one undertaking to another undertaking or sector, undertakings may exchange auxiliary agents for a limited period of time, for the benefit of undertakings and apprentices. Such a regulation, like the posting system, is very flexible and allows companies to address possible gaps in the practical training provided to humanitarian workers. Students can begin article training by submitting Form 103 and a training agreement must be signed with the principal in Form 102. The total duration of the internship may be completed with a practicing member or partly with a practicing member and partly in an approved industrial enterprise as an industrial trainee. .