Industrial Contract: ACT Public Sector Medical Practitioners Collective Agreement 2013 – 2017 Can be accessed by clicking on the ACT Health employment site. A new ACT Public Sector Medical Practitioners agreement is being negotiated. For more information, please contact AMA ACT at (02) 62705410 or ASMOF ACT 0400372261 Registrar (REG) is a physician with at least two years of full-time experience as an RMO. Was included in a professional training program accredited by the Australian Medical Council, which resulted in a scholarship from a specialized medical school, including scholarships for general practice and rural medicine and remote medicine or has not yet been admitted to a program that performs the functions of medical master. The appointment to the position of Chancellor is for an initial term of one year, with subsequent appointments up to a maximum of three years. Other public procurement conditions: unrecognized (unrecognized transfer of other leave rights without written agreement) The Principal Registrar (SREG) is a medial delegate who has successfully completed the first part (or equivalent) of the conditions for admission to a scholarship from a specialist medical school and who is within two full-time years of completion of his specialized training. The appointment to the position of Senior Registrar is valid for up to two years. An SREG1 will move to SREG2 as soon as it has advanced to a full-time year after completing its technical training. Industrial Agreements: Médecins Nord Territory Public Sector Enterprise Agreement 2014-2017. Union: ASMOFQ and Together Queensland (formerly Queensland Public Sector Union) have coverage of medical officers in QLD. Senior Registrar – means a registrar with superior medical qualifications and a directorship in a position authorized by the employer.

Long-term service leave: 6 months of service after 15 years of employment. The service with a public health service recognized by the state, provided such a job was recognized, was within 2 months of starting a job or whether the service was part of a training program in training medicine. A bonus/agreement is the basis of all wages and conditions for workers covered by the classifications it contains, i.e. the premium or agreement sets the minimum payments that a doctor receives in training. Other conditions of state allocation: overtime of 1.5 for the first two hours in a week and then all double-time. Night and weekend work allowances, the possibility of allowing non-rusty overtime.