There is nothing in the law that explicitly prohibits someone by a marital agreement from sponsoring their spouse, but I suppose that could influence the appreciation of the authenticity of the marriage. The preparation of the marriage contract should involve an immigration lawyer, who should be able to discuss the effects of a particular provision in the agreement. After signing, the agreement obliges the sponsor to financially support the immigrant on his own resources. It requires the proponent to reimburse all federal, regional or local authorities for all “basic resource” public benefits that have been granted to the immigrant. Most – but not all – cases involving cases without points have denounced the fact that the waiver would not be effective. See Patel, 2015 WL 13116649 (Minn.Dist.Ct.) (“A third party beneficiary is not a party to a contract and any agreement between the plaintiff and the defendant would not change the insurance of the sworn aid. The agreement of all parties to the original contract is required for an oral or written amendment. The defendants provided no evidence that the U.S. government agreed to amend the statement of support or contract.” Patel v. Patel, 2015 WL 13116649 (Minn.Dist.Ct); Erler v. Erler, 2014 WL 129222 (N.D. Cal.

2013); and Shah v. Shah, 2014 WL 185914 (D. NJ 2014). But cf. Blain v. Herrell, 2010 WL 2900432, (D. Haw. 2010) (which states in Diktat that the right-wing Form I-864 is inherent in the nature of contractual rights and can be repealed). I got married on November 21, 2012. I`m filing my green card, but my husband wants to sign a post-uptual agreement before he starts the papers.

will signing a nuptual article still affect my green card? Because of these life-changing benefits, federal authorities require these couples to prove that they are getting married because they want real marriages and that they are not only receiving immigration benefits for the foreign partner. The authorities will investigate marriages that show they were contracted for fraudulent reasons. Entering into a marriage of convenience to grant immigration benefits to a foreign spouse without a genuine marital relationship is a federal crime.