This program allows us to increase the value of your current home by up to 70% and use that equity to buy a new home. Whether you`re looking for an upgrade to a bigger house, a home in a better school district or just to move, the “Buy Before You Sell” program is the key to answering the age-old question: Do I sell before I buy? Today`s transactions can also go fast! There may not be time to make multiple offers, so make the most of your offers. Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is not a mortgage lender. Contact Howard Hanna Mortgage Services for Mortgage Products and Promotional Capacity. The terms and conditions apply. A Howard Hanna mortgage initiator can provide you with more details about this program. Now get prequalified to help us connect to a credit creator near you. With comprehensive financial services, we can go through all your buying or selling experience. As part of our First Time Homebuyer initiative, this program makes it easier and affordable to become a homeowner, so borrowers can finance many of the co-purchase costs associated with buying a home. The program is offered in combination with an FHA mortgage and is available to potential home buyers who have not owned real estate in the past three years. Our Hanna HomeFinder is the most effective way to start your search for a new home.

Howard Hanna`s free homebuyer service allows you to get automatic email notifications, as goods that meet your personal criteria are put up for sale. For additional support, select a privileged agent who can work with you to understand your priorities and present properties that meet your needs. . When it comes to competing offers, a seller is not obligated to offer you a “right of first refusal” or a chance to improve your offer. It can be done in negotiations, but it is not necessary. Once you`ve chosen the right house, it`s time to make an offer! Your real estate agent will guide you in detail through this process, including all applicable laws near you. Find the hottest homes on the market with Howard Hannaes Find It First™. These exclusive offers are only available at – you won`t find them anywhere else! When the real estate market gets hot, competition becomes tough. Get the edge you need with Find It First™. If you do not understand the terms of the offer, ask your real estate agent for clarification. If you need legal, tax or other advice, talk to a professional in this area.

New York home buyers can use our 2nd Look program through the 1st Priority Mortgage, which allows you to compare prices, fees and mortgage financing services. We offer a visa gift card® worth US$50 for New York home buyers who meet with one of our mortgage originators to take a second look at their mortgage financing. What sets Towne Mortgage apart? Local management and operations, unprecedented customer service and one-time closures are our top priority. Learn more about us and see the difference if you trust Towne Mortgage with your home financing. In recent days, “supply was low and a counter-offer” was very common. However, today`s sellers (and their listing agents) are more experienced. While you may be able to offer less than the price, a dramatically low offer cannot even be considered. Our real estate agents are able to locate the homes you like to use with our own technological features and put you in touch with the best real estate for your unique needs. Howard Hanna is here to remove obstacles and make sure your transaction goes smoothly.