However, the dispute settlement system cannot be used to resolve trade disputes resulting from political disagreements. When Qatar requested the creation of a panel of measures imposed by the UAE, other GCC countries and the United States were quick to reject its request as a political issue and said national security issues were not suitable for the WTO litigation system. [87] The organization focuses on WTO agreements negotiated and signed by the majority of the world`s trading countries. The aim is to help producers of goods and services, exporters and importers to carry out their operations. The overall objective of the WTO is to ensure a smooth, defective, fair and predictable trade flow. The WTO`s trade dispute settlement procedure under the Dispute Settlement Agreement is essential for the application of the rules and thus for ensuring a smooth flow of trade. Governments bring disputes before the WTO if they believe their rights are violated by WTO agreements. The judgements of specially appointed independent experts are based on interpretations of each member`s agreements and obligations. The system encourages members to resolve their differences through consultation. If this proves unsuccessful, they may conduct a step-by-step procedure, which involves the possibility of a judgment by a panel of experts and the possibility of appealing the judgment for legal reasons. Confidence in the system is confirmed by the number of cases filed with the WTO in more than 500 cases since the creation of the WTO, compared to the 300 disputes dealt with throughout the duration of the GATT (1947-1994). The WTO deals with the regulation of trade in goods, services and intellectual property between participating countries by providing a framework for the negotiation of trade agreements and a dispute settlement procedure aimed at enforcing WTO agreements by participants that are signed by representatives of member governments[8]: doc.9-10 and ratified by their parliaments. [9] The WTO prohibits discrimination between trading partners, but provides exceptions for environmental protection, national security and other important objectives.

[10] Trade disputes are settled by independent WTO judges in dispute settlement proceedings.