How do you handle a disagreement if none of you are willing to compromise? You said he came from a selfish family. What does it do to a child over time? He is afraid. ?? < find what it is. You may need another counselor who can do more than tell you to do whatever you want. Where is the empathy? He comes from a very selfish family – caring only for himself – and I come from a very sociable and very donor family. If the roles were reversed, I don`t think he wants to leave yet. The wedding is much more chic than his family, my cousin`s bride is an only child in a modestly wealthy family, so it`s optional with a black tie, and it bothers him. It also bothers him that we have to find someone to observe our children overnight because no children are invited (sitter already arranged). This means concluding or concluding an agreement during a negotiation. Now we`ve argued without interruption, neither ready to move, nor resentment in me, but I`m not ready to move in this matter because family is important to me and I`ve compromised in the past.

Every time I want to spend time with my family, it`s a big fight because they`re an hour and a half away against the 45 minutes for him. We made advice, the counselor said that when it comes to our families, we can make all our own decisions, so when he decided not to give any more Christmas gifts to his nieces (6 & 8 years old / o) because he considers it useless, I had to go there and not fight, but if I want to spend 20 dollars each for my nieces and nephews, he turns it into a big fight. Other words that have a similar meaning to “agreement” also use this structure: I`m sorry, but your husband is really stupid about it. If this wedding was for one of his family members, would you go to the trial dinner? To me, it sounds like you would, so why would it sound any different? And doesn`t he understand that if you want to see, you come here, it`s a one-way street? That`s ridiculous. He doesn`t like your family? It looks like there`s something bigger here. Why does he want to drive 45 minutes, but not an hour and a half? If you have been riding for 45 minutes, it seems to me that another 45 are not many. I could be wrong. But from what you said, your husband looks a bit controlling. My husband would never tell me what I can do and what I can`t do.

However, we are very good at making compromises. You don`t ask him to participate, so why is he interested? The real problem can`t be the car. That`s a total of 3 hours of driving, which isn`t as much gas, and if your car isn`t on the last leg, it shouldn`t wear out of your car. Is there an underlying problem between him and your family? This means that you think your business will soon have many customers. A villain on a TV show wants the hero to do something, so he kidnapped the hero`s girlfriend. The villain threatens the hero by saying this. It`s one of those situations where I feel like you`ve been friendly in informing him of what you`d do, but it`s your family and you`ll do what you think is right. You can remind them that you let them know as a courtesy, but since it`s your family, you`re going to do what makes you and your family happy. Archived discussions are usually a bit older and less active than other community content. When it comes to cars, he constantly worries that they will break.

This summer, we put over $1,000 into his 1998 Sentra. I kept trying to convince him to give it up and have a newer car, but he couldn`t hear it. I have a cobalt from 2006 that still goes well, but it still expects the worst to happen. .