The link between the summary multi-assessment agreement and the semantic agreement in the hierarchy of agreements is also conceptually justified. The semantic agreement with the hybrid subtantifs does not reflect the morphological marking of the name, but the semantic reference. Grosz (2015) proposes that the reference function be copied to T for each integrated theme as in (58a). If the two built-in compartments have the same reference as in (58b), the plural agreement on T is excluded. In other words, the summing chord in multi-evaluation is related to semantic reference. There are two important advantages to the treaty hierarchy. First, the use of the contract hierarchy to organize contracts provides a platform for coherent cooperation. For languages that only allow a value-added Ts distribution agreement, the forecast is that the CCA will be observed even if the incorporated subjects do not correspond in the number of two connectors. This prediction is confirmed. In order to examine adequacy in THE constructions of RNR in Dutch, Kluck (2009) conducted an acceptance judgment experiment with 28 native-speaking dutch nationals in a 5-point assessment task (1 is bad and 5 well). The results show that the narrowest conjunction agreement is used in inconsistent cases.

Although some of his examples contain relative clauses that are not central to the current document, Kluck (2009) included the sentences in the attached survey, which allows us to verify the rates relevant to our objectives. The rates (10), (19) and (22) of their survey relate to incongruous subjects and strict connective agreement on T. The average ratings for these items are 3.6, 3.5 and 2.9 (on a scale of 1-5). I repeat them (19) below as (56). Their (3) and (18) contain incongruous topics and a value-added plural T, and the average ratings for these two sentences are 2 and 2.6. I repeat them (3) below as (57). I am following Kluck`s conclusion that, in the case of value-added TT, the CCA is used in the Netherlands, as can be expected in the current proposal. Yatabe, Shuichi. 2003. A theory based on the linearization of the summatix chord in peripheral node elevation constructions. In Jong-Bok Kim – Stephen Wechsler (.M. note), Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Grammar, 391-411.