AFC`s accounting department strives to ensure proper accounting treatment in all aspects of AFC`s business. This includes accounting functions related to AFC`s internal operations, providing support and responding to franchisee requests, and working with facility owners to ensure appropriate payments. The accounting department is constantly striving to improve processes and efficiency to better serve AFC`s growing business. Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. is the largest North American franchisor of supermarket-based foodservice counter concepts, developed by our parent company in 1986. Our extensive experience in the industry is unmatched. Our food counters offer sushi and/or other delicious Asian cuisines. In addition to supermarkets, we can also be found in other segments of the industry, such as.B. Military Commissioners, University Campus Restoration Grounds, Corporate Office Restoration Tribunals, among others. Our products are freshly prepared daily with high quality ingredients and conveniently packaged and marketed as takeaway.

While Lucy W claims to have settled her dispute, her complaint highlights the franchisee`s reliance on the franchisor to pay them honestly and fairly: I was a franchisee of a sushi company called AFC Corp in California. My franchise (sushi bar) was in Florida (Publix supermarket). My franchise agreement with AFC was unfairly terminated. Beacause I was complained about by Store Mananger. AFC said I broke my contract and they fired me without investigating my case. I can prove my innocence. Should I sue AFC? AFC offers a comprehensive 10-day training program on all aspects of our sushi bar operations at our Centre of Excellence in Sydney, as well as a 3-day in-store initial training program. I have signed a five-year franchise agreement with Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. (hereinafter referred to as AFC) The business model is, AFC, the franchisor, will award the SUSHI BAR at the Kroger supermarket to me as a franchisee in Saginaw, Michigan.

Every month I order all the seafood and packages from the AFC. And at the end of each month, Kroger Market will distribute the gross sales directly to AFC. AFC will deduct the cost of my orders and 33% of gross sales, and then return the rest to me. Between 2007 and 2009, AFC Sushi sold 1083 new franchises. Please add me on Facebook. I am tired of the AFC. It`s time for all of us to stand together and fight against what`s good for us. The AFC is the Nazi era. I don`t care if I lose my store or not. I guess I`ll lose the store. At this point, I don`t care about money because it`s about our pride. You can`t keep fucking with us.

I will fight for this. I invite all franchises to join us and we can go back to the FTA. If we are one, there is a note that the FTA can make. We will renegotiate our contact. “AFC is proud to offer the highest quality and widest variety of sushi and sushi-related products. Our franchisees have the skills and knowledge to run wonderful sushi bars. We are currently looking for potential franchisees in the United States and Canada. “Why is AFC the leader in the Sushi Bar and Sushi Related Products category? Our franchisees have the skills and knowledge to run wonderful sushi bars. We are currently looking for potential franchisees in the United States and Canada. In 2011, AFCC established Advanced Fresh Concepts International (AFCI) as a wholly-owned subsidiary to act as a franchisor of franchises of independently managed and operated food outlet outlets in Australian supermarkets. In 2013, AFCC founded Advanced Fresh Concepts Food Service Corp. (AFCFSC) to manage its bakery and coffee business in Hawaii.

In 2016, AFCC established Advanced Fresh Concepts Distribution Corp. (AFCDC) as the leading distributor of ingredients and consumables for AFC`s countertop franchises. Today, AFC Food Service Counter franchises can be found in U.S. supermarkets, military commissioners, university food courts, corporate office food courts, hospital food courts, amusement parks and sports stadiums, and Canadian supermarkets, while AFCI Food Service Counter franchises can be found in Australian supermarkets. AFC SUSHI franchise owners usually operate in established supermarkets. Customers pick up fresh sushi on the AFC screen and pay through the store`s POS system. The supermarket takes a percentage and sends the rest to Advanced Fresh Concepts, which takes its percentage and fees and sends what remains to the franchisee. We have several multi-site franchisees in our network. We will never say; However, our expectations are high to ensure your continued success. So while 1083 entered the AFC`s sushi franchise system, 1453 exited. Yes, your franchise agreement describes the requirements for a transfer of sale, and the default hiring and selection process applies to all potential franchisees. AFC`s operations department supports our customers, franchisees and consumers and immediately resolves any issues or problems that may arise at the restaurant counter.

This is achieved through our office and regional team that supports franchise and business operations. Our department also seeks to balance costs and implement various strategic business plans to achieve the highest possible net in accordance with AFC`s strict food safety and corporate standards. There are many personal attributes that we look for in a potential franchisee that goes beyond their ability to make sushi. They are, but not limited to: According to the AFC Sushi website, they have more than 3,300 sushi bars in supermarkets and other restaurant sectors in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Once we receive your franchise application form, the selection process is quite simple: remember that supermarket sushi is a product of its own environment where consumer decisions are made in fractions of a second. “With twenty-five years of experience, AFC Franchise Corp. has grown to become the leading sushi company in North America since 1986.” “The fresh produce we offer can be purchased at any sushi bar, which is independently located and operated across the country and in Canada,” the website says. AFC`s franchise recruitment department will take care of recruiting highly skilled potential franchisees who will operate franchise locations in the U.S. and Canada. .